Friday, 10 July 2015

These are my people

Day 5- We set out to explore more of the east side of the island. First we hit up Akaka falls, which lies about 11 miles from Hilo. The falls impressive height at 422 feet is double the height of niagra falls in Canada. This excursion is more commercialized than Rainbow falls and the path is paved with guard rails. The falls were definitely worth the view but no more than a half hour needs to be spent here. 


From here we set out to find the Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Gardens.  In most cases this type of activity is not something Mike and I would schedule into our plans but we had multiple people tell us that it was well worth our time. One even said, "I'm not into gardens and it was amazing!"... we were sold! Turns out... it really was just a very large garden with a lot of interesting and foreign plants..... I'm going to be honest.... not that amazing. Unless you love plants... I would not say this is something to put on your radar if your heading to the big island. 



A lady and her daughter asked us if we wanted our picture taken. When we said yes she told us to pretend we were standing under mistletoe. Mike said "little weird kissing your sister but OK!" and the result is me laughing while trying to kiss Mike under the mistletoe. Then I told the ladies about the slaptoe in our home and they did not laugh. I guess I should keep those things to myself. Kissing your sister is funny but slapping people isnt? I don't get people. 


Although this next picture may have made it worth our while. It is one of my new favorites.

The city of Hilo goes to sleep around 10pm as many places in Hawaii have noise restrictions. The owner of the home were staying in gave us a tip on where to catch some late night action... it was a bit awkward when we showed up naked as it was a night market... Uncle Robert's night market happens every night but their big night is on Wednesday. The sun goes down here around 7:30, which can make driving at night with no street lights a little nerve wrecking but when we arrived at Uncle Robert's I was more than satisfied. These were my people (as Mark Wiseman would say but Mark's people are scarier than my people). It had a hippy vibe with a live Hawaiian band playing Bob Marley tunes. I couldn't ask for anything more. We zig zagged through the tables and people to see tarot card readers, kids making necklaces, tons of food, liquid concoctions full of health benefits and hand made soap.  I don't know how my mom would fit into this crowd but her bread would do just fine.. although she might need some psychedelic names to attract the hippies. (Groovy apricot raisin bread has a ring to it)


  1. Hahahha.. I woke Liam up while reading this laughing about your slaptoe. LOL

  2. haha I'm glad you found it funny.

  3. Hahaha too funny! I love the pictures!

  4. Haha….sadly, I no longer enjoy my people. I'd probably prefer to roll in that hippie market nowadays.