Thursday, 16 July 2015

Honolulu Chillin'

We arrived in Honolulu mid day and checked into the Polynesian hostel. The service here is amazing. The girl who runs the front desk is beyong helpful with any questions and she goes out of her way to make your experience better. This place is pricier than the last but it also includes a pancake breakfast every morning. They also have a chef who works there and he makes a dinner every other night...soooo good!!!! So far we have just chilled a lot and caught up with some left over business from home. 

This is how we spend our nights.. wine, salami and big brother. 

and if we're not doing this were playing one of our new card games...Gloom. It's actually quite fun and the more you play the more vindictive the game gets. 


Day 12- We spent the day on a bus for a good part of it tryin to get to Pearl Harbor. We are not early risers.. well I wake up every day before 7, let me rephrase. Mike is not an early riser, which makes getting to these touristy attractions before the rest of the world very difficult. Poor planning on our part was also involved as we did not know an entire day could be spent at Pearl Harbor. Either way, we went to the SS Missouri and enjoyed learning about it's battles, specifically WW2 (Mike's grandfather fought in), gulf war and the Korean War. 

Where the crew sleeps. Looks a lot like the dorm rooms we sleep in. :)


For those who do not know this about me, growing up I wanted badly to be in the army. Being on this navy ship still made me want to pursue my childhood dream. At least I can practice with Mike right?

After a long day of bus rides with crazy preachers, we splurged and went to my favorite restaurant on the island from my Westjet days. Duke's offers a real hawaiian experience. We were even serenaded at our table with a ukulele, not to mention the meal was amazing and the sunset was even better. 

Hawaii has been amazing and we're so happy we started our trip off here.

See you all soon from Indonesia.